We are an award-winning creative agency with a mission to deliver web experiences that
convert consumer interest into consumer loyalty

  • Detailed research and discovery
  • Focused on target market and qualified visitors
  • Conversion goals and action plan
  • Adaptable sitemap and lead generation architecture
  • User-centric approach to web design
  • Ideal balance of form and function
  • Quick-loading, immediate-impact sites
  • Adherence to best, most effective SEO practice
  • Unedited, measurable results
  • Machine- and human-friendly SEO practices
  • Setup and management of PPC campaigns
  • Responsive design or dedicated mobile site
  • Mobile app design and development
  • Quick load times to hold user interest
  • Detailed planning for positive mobile experiences


We are a web design company - we produce next-generation websites that are as functional as they are beautiful. We are masters of our craft: dreamers, visionaries, explorers, strategists, artists, techies. Driven by passion for pushing every idea as far as it can go, we create impactful and engaging user experiences, helping our clients build their online brand presence, grow their business, connect with their customers, and look damn good doing it. We won't be caught dead settling for 'good enough' - mediocrity is not our style. Every project is a unique expression of our creative genius and technological savvy - an Idea That Works!
I wanted to extend my thank you to Igor and the entire ITW team for your work on our next generation website. And to also let you know that all of your hard work has helped Cogeco Data Services elevate our image in the market with this new site. We have received very positive feedback already and we look forward to continuing our work with your team.
Cogeco Data Services
With high expectations for our new website, we devoted considerable effort to finding a company that would both understand and help build on our vision. ITW fit the mould, presenting a detailed plan that resulted in a website we are proud to call our own. It's beautiful, well structured and easy to update. It's everything we hoped for.
Paul Raboud, Vice Chair of Bird Construction
Although we met with a number of web design companies in our selection process, we chose to work with ITW based on their vision of how they would bring our brand alive in the digital space. We're delighted with both the look and functionality of our website and continue to receive compliments from vendors, guests and potential franchisees who experience the website as their first point of contact with our company.
Renate Fox, Teriyaki Experience
ITW are a great team of professional individuals who are creative, innovative with great attention to details. The entire web development process was very methodical and the continued support after launch was and continues to be outstanding.
Michael Naoum, General Manager of Apple Self Storage
ITW created for us the 3rd version of our trade site "Mechanics Hub" which is by far the largest and most complex site Maizis & Miller has ever launched. The project was completed on time, to specifications and I am very pleased with the final results. ITW's entire team are a pleasure to work with!
Ron Maizis, President of Maizis & Miller
As a marketing company we understand the importance of strong branding. ITW established a refreshing creative approach that aligned perfectly with our own and would speak to our audience. We were thrilled with the finished product, which came about smoothly and captured the exact look and feel we wanted in a website
Chris Fowler, President of Matrix Marketing Concepts
After seeing ITW’s portfolio of web development, DedON engaged ITW to build our website. Following my initial layout direction, ITW suggested navigation and layouts that kept my initial vision intact but efficiently delivered a visitor user friendly interface. My favorite part is now we control the content changes through the back-end architecture – which makes are entire experience a great investment.
Stephen Hart, President of DedON
ITW Consulting took the time to research Fairview’s business in order to understand and anticipate our specific needs. In developing our website, they provided us with real, economical and measurable milestones that were delivered on time and on budget. ITW set up a customized SEO program for Fairview that generates more quality leads than any other segment of Fairview’s business and has us independently ranked ahead of all major competitors.
Peter Conn, Marketing Manager of Fairview Fittings
Our expertise in designing and developing e-commerce websites will help you conduct business online with confidence.
In web design, action is what ultimately differentiates a successful site from a poor performer. A visit represents just a blip on the radar if that visitor hasn’t performed some sort of action, whether signing up for a newsletter, making a donation or, in the case of e-commerce websites, purchasing a product. It isn’t enough to entice clicks: For your business to flourish online you need a dedicated e-commerce approach to web design, working from the ground up.
Online, every success story begins at the drawing board – sometimes figuratively, often literally.
Blinded by the awesome potential of social media marketing, many brands overlook the commitment of time and energy involved. Over time, they become disillusioned with social media as a form of marketing and retreat into traditional, less dynamic methods or simply do nothing at all. Failure usually stems from a complete lack of planning or strategy, but these critical processes are what help lay the foundation for long-term success, as well as help set expectations.
A strong brand identity withstands the test of time and stands far above its imitators.
In an age of abundance, recognition is everything. Standing out has never been more important or more lucrative, but it doesn’t happen overnight. Audiences gravitate toward strong identities that say something memorable, deliver on their promises and adapt just enough to remain fresh, without veering too far off course – all this over many years, or, in the case of the most durable brands, decades. Investing in your brand should begin with finding someone who can articulate the nuances and the big picture of your identity.
March 6, 2015
How Websites Build (and Shatter) Trust
Trust is a delicate thing. For businesses operating online, it’s also incredibly valuable. Whether you realize it or not, the decisions you make online—to purchase or pass over a product, to read an entire article or just the first paragraph—are tied to trust. So what differentiates a trustworthy website from an untrustworthy one? A lot, it turns out. “If people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust…
January 23, 2015
The Top Three Digital Marketing Trends for 2015
Predictions for the year ahead don’t carry much weight in a field that seems to change by the day. But that doesn’t stop digital marketing specialists from looking ahead, especially since their skillsets will be in high demand for 2015. As we continually tune out from traditional marketing channels, brands are realizing that the digital space is where connections will be made. The question is how best to make those…

Put your company first and invest in an Idea That Works.

Driven by a desire to propel the field of website design forward, ITW Consulting applies decades of combined experience to integrate the most innovative developments and the latest user-friendly features into each project. This constant pursuit of progress helps us create sites that deliver something out of the ordinary, for both our clients and the audience they covet.

Our simple but proven process begins with an in-depth consultation with the client, which helps us understand such key differentiators as brand identity and target audience. From there we work to establish the client's goals as well as address the practical issues of web design, including the burning question of how to make a website that makes money and a great impression.

The ITW team, consisting of experts in programming, custom CMS development, graphic design, copywriting, online marketing, video production, 3D rendering and more, then sets to work bringing the original vision to life. With the help of a leading project management system we can remain in close contact with the client, whether they're located in Toronto, Markham, Mississauga or half a world away.

To learn more about the value of an idea that works, contact ITW's head office, located just north of Toronto in Markham. We also welcome your online inquiries - and while visiting our site you can discover our work in detail, including the award-winning sites Wild Expeditions and Teriyaki Experience.

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