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We’re a Toronto based digital agency helping big and small businesses optimize every aspect of their online presence.

For us, success isn’t defined by the number of projects we complete or compliments we get. It’s all about the relationships we build with our clients. That’s what makes us different. That’s what makes ITW a partner you can count on for the long haul. Reach us for Web Design, Digital Design, Internet Marketing

The site ITW designed for us exceeded our expectations

I regularly get compliments from our clients, from our employees and from our competitors about the quality of the website.”
— Paul Raboud, Vice Chair —

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February 26, 2016
Boston Pizza Franchising Website Goes Live!
This project is the first (but not the last) collaboration between ITW and Boston Pizza—Canada’s top casual-dining brand, with more than 370 restaurants from coast-to-coast. After months of planning, hard work and refining, we’re proud to be able to add this website to our portfolio. More importantly, the client is happy with the results, and early traffic statistics are promising. How it all started Before this project, franchising occupied a…
December 18, 2015
Five Must-Haves for Successful B2B Website Design
On the surface there’s not much to distinguish a B2B website from a B2C one. After all, in both cases the goal is to make a positive connection with people searching for a specific product or service. Digging deeper, though, you’ll find that an effective website is one that caters to its target audience. These five elements of successful B2B web design consider the unique needs and challenges of business owners.…

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If your company isn’t succeeding online, it’s not living up to its potential. At ITW we live to produce work of unparalleled style and substance, doing everything we can to help our clients make the most of their web presence. Our air-tight process makes it possible to work on almost any kind of project, no matter how small the business or the budget.

It doesn’t hurt that we use leading project management and collaboration systems, which keep our web design projects on track whether the client is in Toronto, Tampa Bay or another time zone. But we also know that technology is only a tool. Through attention to detail and constant communication, we identify and avoid potential issues before they’re given the chance to cause delays or budget overruns.

We also structure our projects with multiple checkpoints for client approval and feedback, which ensures the project – whether web design and development, video production or digital marketing – remains true to the initial scope. For our Toronto clients that can mean in-person meetings, but we’re just as happy to meet remotely via phone or conferencing software.

To get a better idea of what we do, explore our portfolio of web design, branding, 3D, video production and other creative works. You can also contact our head office in Markham, just north of Toronto, or fill out an online request for a free, no-obligation quote.

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