We are Integration Experts of
  • External Services
  • Business Intelligence Tools
  • ERPs & CRMS
  • Identity Providers
  • Payment Systems
  • Fraud Detection/Prevention Services
  • Master Data Management Systems
  • Legacy Systems
Being held back
by an isolated & Underperforming system?
Many businesses still use legacy systems that lack the benefits of being connected to the rest of the world.
Our Processes are Long & Cumbersome
Your application might have all required features but most processes are manual or poorly designed.
Our Profits are lower than expected
Your website looks good, but it's lacking analysis and business intelligence for smarter decision making.
We’re Finding lots of data errors
Integration flaws are resulting in poor data consistency and/or integrity.
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Experienced API integrators
our Web Integrations process
Planning & Documentation
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Architecture & Technical Design
  • Data Analysis & Modeling
  • Security Architecture
  • Technical / API Specifications
  • Infrastructure Setup
  • Endpoints Development
  • Ext. / Int. Integration Implementation
  • Security Implementation
Testing & Release
  • Integration Testing
  • Data Integrity & Consistency Testing
  • Performance & Stress Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Release
Related Services
Support & Maintenance
  • Application Maintenance
  • Security Monitoring
  • Application Upgrades & more...
Information Security
  • Vulnerability & Patch Management
  • In-Depth Log Analysis
  • Network Security Management
  • Penetration Testing & more...
Web Application Development
  • Customer Self-Service Portals
  • Business Automation
  • Mobile Apps & more...
Frequently asked questions
What are the benefits of integrating a website & API?
Through integration, we establish a direct pipeline between the website and the API (application programming interface). This can result in significant time-savings when replacing tasks that used to be done manually, such as transferring data between systems. As an added benefit, this form of automation reduces chances for human error.
Can you integrate our application with an external database?
Absolutely, unless the database is isolated and not accessible from the environment the application is running in, and such access cannot be provided.
Can you integrate our application with our ERP or CRM?
Yes, we have many years of experience integrating CRMs and ERPs with applications and websites.
How long does it take to integrate something?
We can provide an estimate after getting access to application documentation or speaking directly with the developers. Ultimately, the complexity of the pieces being integrated will determine how long it takes, but good documentation goes a long way toward speeding things up.
Can you work directly with the application developer?
Yes, absolutely. We regularly communicate directly with application developers for the purpose of integration, and often find this to be a more efficient way of getting the job done right.
We built a proprietary application. Can you integrate it?
Yes, as long as we know how it works, we can integrate virtually anything.
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