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We Are Mobile Experts in:
  • Business Apps
    Strategy-driven mobile apps to support business growth
  • Productivity Apps
    User-friendly applications to help customers complete tasks such as create an account, make payments and more.
  • Utility Apps
    Custom tools for completing internal tasks, collaborating and managing resources
Our Mobile App Process
Discovery & planning
  • Business Analysis
  • App Audit
  • Project Requirements
  • Project Scope & Estimation
  • Project Delivery Plan
To get an accurate estimate of project scope and fit into the client’s budget.
App Documentation
  • Business Requirements
  • User Stories
  • Solution & Integration Design
  • Data Architecture
  • Infrastructure Architecture
  • Security Architecture
App Implementation
  • Infrastructure Setup
  • UX/UI Design & Prototyping
  • Development
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Deploy to App Store/Google Play
App Maintenance
  • App Maintenance & Upgrades
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Monitoring
  • Security Patches
  • Performance & KPI Reviews
Related Services
Support & Maintenance
  • Ad-hoc App Upgrades
  • Incident Resolutions
Website Design
  • App Landing Pages & Microsites
  • Ecommerce
  • Corporate Websites & more...
Third-Party Integrations
  • Business Intelligence Tools
  • ERPs & CRMs
  • Identity & Access Systems
  • Payment Systems and more...
Creative Services
  • Logo Design & Branding
  • Video Production
  • 3D Rendering & more...
Frequently asked questions
Can you build for iOS & Android?
Yes, we have experience developing for both operating systems, as well as a hybrid approach via the Ionic framework. Ionic lets us build one codebase so the app functions on both Apple iOS and Android, saving a significant amount of development time and making it easier to maintain.
Can you fix our current app?
If we have access to your current app and its code, we can conduct an audit to pinpoint the problem and likely resolve it. In cases where the issue is more complex or widespread, we may recommend re-building the app.
Can you deploy our app to the App Store / Google Play?
Yes, we handle this entire process, including any adjustments that may need to be made following review by Apple or Google.
Do you support apps?
Yes, we provide support and maintenance for mobile apps, web applications, websites and infrastructure. Learn more about our support and maintenance plans.
Do you do POCs (proof-of-concepts)?

We typically recommend an iterative approach that will get a quality app to market quickly with core functionality. This gives you a chance to get valuable feedback on your business idea, before investing too much in a "perfect" product that ultimately falls flat.

We can also help develop a proof-of-concept (POC) for your mobile app. This is a useful exercise for determining whether your app idea is viable before getting too far in the process, and it can also help you pitch investors.

Will I be able to test my app before it's done?
Yes, we will prototype the app to replicate the final product during design. This gives us a chance to fine-tune the experience before development, and do some user validation testing.
Can you build a site to market my app?
Yes, we also provide website design services and can build a custom microsite to help market your app.
How do you gather project & business requirements?
Led by our business analyst, we conduct a series of workshops with project stakeholders to generate clear, detailed requirements in the form of user stories. These form the basis of the entire project, addressing the needs of users, admin and any other stakeholders.
What is your UX/UI Design Process

We start with user flows to map out the entire solution from end to end. From there, we produce the creative concept to establish the app’s look and feel, and then design the full array of UI screens for multiple resolutions, including mobile and tablet. The screens capture everything from entire pages and menus, to popups, error messages and mail templates.

At the prototyping stage, we provide an interactive experience that mirrors the completed product—perfect for user validation testing and gathering feedback before development.

Can you integrate our app with our ERP or CRM?
Yes, we have many years of experience integrating CRMs and ERPs with applications and websites. Learn more about our integration services.
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