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  • Strategy & Planning
  • Technical Design
  • Infrastructure Setup
  • UX & UI Design
  • Development
  • HTML5, CSS3
  • PHP
Project Features
  • Dress-shirt customizer
  • Measurement profiles
  • Appointment booking
  • Back-end system
Key Project Results

Saved time for the client by speeding up order processing & data entry

Equipped outbound sales team with dedicated mobile experience

Simplified UX while maintaining full customization workflow

Connected the app to a custom back-end for seamless flow of order data



We redesigned the app’s order interface for a faster, more efficient process. The collapsible menu removes distractions by keeping only the most relevant details on the screen at one time. But all the workflows are still there. At checkout, the sales rep can log in and complete a secure ecommerce transaction.

Inputting the customer’s details and designing the shirt from top to bottom.


With so much riding on fit, we couldn’t cut any corners while adapting the measurement process to mobile. Instead, we redesigned the UI and UX to help Clive Richard’s salespeople move effortlessly through each step—from selecting body type and posture, to inputting measurements.


The custom back-end features a number of critical business tools to help Clive Richard manage orders, schedule appointments, generate promo codes and add new products. Customer data entered into the app is encrypted and transferred to the CMS. Each order also generates a PDF with customer measurements, fabric code, monogram, style choices, shipping method, order number and more.



Clive Richard changes the way men shop for dress shirts. The mobile app takes it a step further by allowing Clive Richard to bring the customization process to its clients. Fulfilling orders on the go is fast and easy, without sacrificing accuracy or choice. All of the core features of the application were adapted specifically to tablets and smartphones for a seamless experience.

  • A faster, more efficient order process for the sales team
  • Seamless communication between the app and full system back-end.
  • A dedicated mobile experience with all the workflows of the complete application.
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