Losing valuable
time from inefficiencies?
We often hear from clients who are held back with legacy systems or struggle with outdated processes and technology.
Our Software Doesn’t work on Mobile
A missing or poor mobile experience keeps users tethered to their desk
Missing Comprehensive Solution Design
The parts are there, but we don’t see the big picture
Very low User Adoption
Technically it works, but our software isn’t user-friendly
Outdated Software & Infrastructure
Legacy systems are holding our business back
Data integration Challenges
We’re wasting time manually transferring and plugging in data
Lack of in-house IT Expertise
Our team doesn’t have the time or know-how to handle such complicated tasks
Why Choose
ITW for Your
Let’s discuss your project
Transparency in scoping & estimating
Deep dive into every IT & Operational challenge
We are objective & key-results oriented
User adoption & delight philosophy
Technology agnostic
ONLY Senior IT & UX experts
We Are Development
Experts in:
  • Member Portals
    Feature-rich web and mobile applications connecting users with a professional association.
  • Customer Portals
    User-friendly applications to help customers complete tasks such as create an account, make payments and more.
  • Staff Portals
    Custom tools for completing internal tasks, collaborating and managing resources
  • Self-Service Portals
    Tools empowering customers to complete tasks, 24/7.
  • Customization Tools
    Powerful web applications with a focus on product visualization and customization.
  • Business Apps
    Mobile apps to support business growth.
  • Productivity Apps
    Helpful tools to streamline workflows on the go.
  • Utility Apps
    Single-purpose apps that solve real-world challenges for users.
our App Development process
Discovery & planning
  • Business Analysis
  • Application Audit
  • Project Requirements
  • Project Scope & Estimation
  • Project Delivery Plan
To get an accurate estimate of project scope and fit into the client’s budget.
Project Documentation
  • Business Requirements
  • User Stories
  • Solution & Integration Design
  • Data Architecture
  • Infrastructure Architecture
  • Security Architecture
  • Infrastructure Setup
  • UX/UI Design
  • Development
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Production Deployment
Application Maintenance
  • App Maintenance & Upgrades
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Monitoring
  • Security Patches
  • Performance & KPI Reviews
Filter by category
  • Design
  • Colloboration
  • Development
  • Integrations
  • Mobile
  • Data
  • Hosting
With help from industry-leading design tools, we create detailed user flows, UX wireframes and UI screens that put the user at the heart of every website. Technology adds efficiency to our design process while improving collaboration—resulting in faster turnarounds without compromising on quality.
Strong communication and planning are cornerstones of every ITW project, but we couldn't do it without the right technology. We use innovative platforms in project management, collaboration and content creation to help deliver projects on time and budget.
We use leading development technologies and frameworks to deliver professional websites for small businesses to enterprise clients. By staying on top of innovations in front- and back-end development, we continually upgrade the performance, accessibility and security of our websites.
Third-Party integrations
Our cloud expertise open up new opportunities for clients in search of greater scalability, control and efficiency. We specialize in areas such as deployment automation, CI/CD, cloud migration and managed services for cloud infrastructure and applications.
With a focus on usability and performance, we build digital products to meet the needs of today's mobile users. Our websites are fully responsive to provide mobile-friendly experiences. We also build native and cross-platform mobile apps, as well as progressive web applications for B2B, B2C and B2E.
We deliver data solutions with an emphasis on proper data architecture, integrity, security and performance. Our integrated approach blends technical expertise with business insight, while adhering to best practices in data management, data protection and more.
We use leading development technologies and frameworks to deliver professional websites for small businesses to enterprise clients. By staying on top of innovations in front- and back-end development, we continually upgrade the performance, accessibility and security of our websites.
Related Services
  • Business Intelligence Tools
  • ERPs & CRMs
  • Identity & Access Systems
  • Fraud Prevention Services
  • Payment Systems and more...
Application Maintenance
  • Managed Infrastructure Services
  • Ad-hoc Application Upgrades
  • Incident Resolutions
  • Security Patching & Updates
  • Regular Backups and more...
Information Security
  • Vulnerability & Patch Management
  • Security Monitoring
  • In-depth log analysis
  • Network Security Management
  • Penetration Testing and more...
Creative Services
  • Marketing Websites
  • How-to Video Tutorials
  • Branding & Logo Design
  • 3D Visualization and more...
Frequently asked questions
Do you offer services other than Web & Mobile App Development?
Yes, absolutely. We provide additional services such as website design and development, information security, integration solutions, creative services and support and maintenance.
What makes you different from Competitors?

We see clients as partners and seek out opportunities for long-term relationships, not one-off projects. To get there, we've made transparency and communication high priorities.

We also focus on strategy and analysis to give each project a solid foundation. By understanding our client's business and the competitive landscape first, we can deliver better results. It’s a big part of the reason we’re still in business after more than 16 years.

How do you gather Project and Business Requirements?
Led by our business analyst, we conduct a series of workshops with project stakeholders to generate clear, detailed requirements in the form of user stories. These form the basis of the entire project, addressing the needs of users, admin and any other stakeholders.
What is your UX/UI Design process?

We start with user flows to map out the entire solution from end to end. From there, we produce the creative concept to establish the app’s look and feel, and then design the full array of UI screens for multiple resolutions, including mobile and tablet. The screens capture everything from entire pages and menus, to popups, error messages and mail templates.

At the prototyping stage, we provide an interactive experience that mirrors the completed product—perfect for user validation testing and gathering feedback before development.

How long will it take to complete my project?
It varies widely based on the size and complexity of the implementation. For projects that include a comprehensive discovery phase, we can provide a much more precise estimate on timelines and cost.
How much will my project cost?
As with timelines, project costs can vary widely due to the custom nature of our projects. Rest assured we will be fully transparent about the cost and resources needed for your project, so you can make an informed decision.
Do you offer on-going support and maintenance?
Yes, we provide support and maintenance for websites, applications and infrastructure, even if we didn't build it.Learn more about our support plans.
Can you manage our Cloud Infrastructure?
We absolutely can. It may take additional time to on-board to some "Exotic" Cloud Service Providers, but for the most part the SLAs and provisioning and management models are very similar across major platforms. In either case, we follow best practices and well-established approaches and flows for cloud infrastructure security and management.
Do you practice continuous deployment?
Yes, we have extensive experience with designing, configuring, maintaining and using CI/CD in all industry-standard CSP ecosystems.
What Project Management system do you use?
We use Teamwork, which is a web-based tool that lets us plan, manage and communicate on projects in one place. As part of the initial steps in each project, we walk our clients through Teamwork so they’re comfortable using it.
What technology stack do you use?
As a technology-agnostic company, we don’t rely on any single technology or vendor. Rather, we work with and recommend the best solution for each unique case. Our experience and deep talent network allow us to work with a huge range of tools, technologies and frameworks such as Node.js, Angular and React.
How big is your technical team?
We have a team of roughly 20 senior-level developers, system administrators and QA specialists. Thanks to our access to a deep talent network, we can scale up our team quickly for larger or rush implementations.
Can you Develop a marketing website?
Yes, absolutely. We’ve been building websites for more than 15 years, and often deliver a website in tandem with a web or mobile application for the same client. Learn more about our website development services.
What is your development methodology?
Most our clients are comfortable with Waterfall. For some projects, we highly recommend and use agile or hybrid approaches. Some specific cases ask for iterative approach. We are equally comfortable with either.
Can you Integrate our Application with an external Database?
Absolutely, unless the database is isolated and not accessible from the environment the application is running in, and such access cannot be provided.
Can you integrate our Application with our ERP or CRM?
Yes, we have many years of experience integrating CRMs and ERPs with applications and websites. Learn more about our integration services.
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