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  • Strategy & Planning
  • Technical Design
  • Infrastructure Setup
  • UX & UI Design
  • Development
  • HTML5, CSS3
  • Laravel
  • WordPress
Project Features
  • Admin & tenant portals
  • Interactive store map
  • Events & promotions
  • Companion website
Key Project Results

Enhanced collaboration between store owners & property management

Saved time for admin & store owners by streamlining change-approvals process

Empowered store owners with increased control over content, promos & more

Reduced the client’s costs by adapting the solution for multiple properties



Two separate portals—one for admin and one for tenants—were designed to streamline the workflows of each user type. On the admin side, users can create stores, promotions, events and jobs, and invite tenants to manage their own stores. Changes submitted by tenants are pushed to admin for review, who can publish the updates with one click, or send back to the tenant for revision.

A typical user workflow from login to dashboard to account selection.


Previously, tenant change requests sat in limbo for days before admin review, and there was no single method of communication. Now, a dedicated tenant portal gives them more control and improves collaboration. Tenants can edit their store profile, add promotions and add jobs. Admin automatically receive an email notifying them of updates awaiting their review.


Our biggest challenge with promotions was designing a solution that would accommodate a wide variety of image styles, shapes and sizes, since each store owner could upload their own content in the tenant portal. Promo content includes a description, featured image and active date. Approved promotions are also linked to the store on the website’s front-end and automatically disappear when they expire.



Featuring a custom front-end, the website provides a modern and welcoming face to the property. Highlights include unique profiles for each of the 100+ stores and restaurants, an interactive floor map for easy wayfinding, dedicated sections for promotions and events, and more. The interconnected tenant and admin portals—as well as a custom WordPress CMS—provide a flexible and collaborative approach to website management.



The portals address a major pain point for tenants and property admin. We designed a series of workflows—supported by automated status updates and email notifications—to streamline collaboration. Tenants get more autonomy, while admin get a more convenient approval process without giving up control. Since launch, we have continued to expand the portal and website with new functionality as the property’s needs change.

  • Dedicated portal for property managers and tenants
  • Individual store management capabilities with unique login credentials
  • Custom CMS-driven website
  • Responsive UI supporting all resolutions from smartphone to desktop
  • Mailchimp and social media integration for marketing
  • Interactive property map connected to store profiles
  • Flexible solution shipped to multiple properties with re-branding
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