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  • Strategy & Planning
  • Technical Design
  • Infrastructure Setup
  • UX & UI Design
  • Development
  • Angular
  • Express
  • RESTful APIs
Project Features
  • License purchasing
  • Tariff calculators
  • Staff admin portal
  • Marketing microsite
Key Project Results

Saved time for customers & admin by simplifying the licensing process

Fast-tracked onboarding for current SOCAN & Re:Sound customers

Reduced admin workload with custom calculation models for 20+ tariffs

Supported the client’s back-office operations through Epicor integration



Tariffs are music licenses that set fees based on usage by a business. The Entandem portal makes it easy for a business to find the right tariff for their needs and assign it to their account. Each of the 20+ tariffs in the portal comes with its own calculation model, which helps determine billing.

Users can assign a tariff to their account and submit a report on music usage.


After a business assigns a tariff to its account, it can generate a report to be processed by Entandem. The report is a summary of usage such as timeframe, number of guests and other key details that are unique to each tariff. Based on this information, Entandem can create an invoice and receive payment through the portal.



Users have easy access to outstanding invoices and their statement history in the portal. They can search, sort, filter and print their invoices, and check their balance before proceeding to payment. To process transactions we completed payment gateway integration and ERP integration via ETL. A portion of each transaction is funneled into SOCAN and Re:Sound’s respective accounts based on the tariff.



We developed a back-end system to help manage the portal and its users. Admin can view user status, reports and payment history, and even generate reports on behalf of users through impersonation mode. For added control, we developed a super admin role to manage lower-level admin. We also designed a notification system to inform users of upcoming or late payments.



With a long list of requirements and a tight deadline, we built a detailed project plan with the client—a process that included developer on-boarding and consultations with Entandem’s business, marketing and IT departments. Several integration points, strict security requirements and many other considerations factored into the planning process. We also handled UX and UI design, emphasizing usability to ensure that customers—who may already be reluctant to pay licensing fees—wouldn’t face any obstacles.

  • Simplified licensing process
  • Robust Staff Admin Panel
  • Companion microsite for marketing
  • Responsive UI supporting all resolutions from smartphone to desktop
  • Authentication of existing SOCAN and Re:Sound users for fast-tracked on-boarding
  • Fully bilingual interface for localized experiences
  • Epicor integration to support back-office processes
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