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  • Technical Design
  • Infrastructure Setup
  • UX & UI Design
  • Development
  • HTML5, CSS3
  • WordPress
Project Features
  • Map of opportunities
  • Video testimonials
  • Application form
  • Blog
Key Project Results

Helped the client introduce its brand and value proposition to a new market

Enabled the client to promote featured opportunities by location

Educated visitors about investment requirements, brand support and more

Strengthened the brand’s messaging strategy with engaging video content

Collage of Boston Pizza USA franchising UI screens


In Canada, Boston Pizza is a well-known brand with more than 350 locations. In the US, it’s a relative newcomer with a lot to prove. But we were up for the challenge—designing a series of custom infographics to highlight the brand’s history of success and proven track record. By showcasing these details in a more visual way, we hoped to capture the visitor’s attention right away.

Stats about Boston Pizza's success


We implemented a customized US map to show the brand’s current and prospective locations. The idea was to show how far it’s come, while encouraging visitors to find the right opportunity for them. Each pinpoint reveals some additional details about the opportunity, to attract more qualified leads. Admin can add pinpoints and content, and assign them to a category.

Map of franchising opportunities in USA


Boston Pizza and its US equivalent are unique for their versatility—including a casual, family-friendly dining experience and a sports bar where friends and fans can catch a game in a comfy environment. The site showcases that unique feature, as well as non-traditional opportunities in areas such as hotels, airports and theme parks.

Different restaurant concepts


Sometimes it’s better to hear from people who’ve been there before. With that in mind, we produced and implemented a series of video testimonials from real franchisees, to tell their story in a way that resonates with potential investors. These engaging presentations add a different voice to the mix and deliver the brand’s message in a more compelling and memorable way.

Franchisee video testimonials


This award-winning microsite helped Boston’s Pizza kick its ambitious growth goals into action. The relatively small scale of the project proved to be a positive, as it made for a more focused and streamlined presentation that cut out any excess. From start to finish, it’s designed to tell a captivating story that’s got plenty of style and substance.

  • Franchisee video testimonials
  • Interactive map of franchising opportunities
  • Integrated blog to support SEO and lead generation
  • Branded infographics
  • Application form for prospective franchisees
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