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A Microsite to Promote an Innovative New Lighting Product

To spread the word about its new LED lighting solution for homes and offices, Tamlite wanted a dedicated microsite coupled with a digital marketing campaign. We were brought in to handle design, development, 3D and marketing—and to deliver quickly.

Product Highlights

LYRA offers a number of benefits and innovative features that lighting contractors will appreciate. It was important for us to bring that value front and center. Ultimately we opted for an approach that blends custom illustration, iconography and 3D product renderings.

Dealer Locator

LYRA is distributed by electrical wholesalers across Canada. To make it easy for visitors to find their nearest dealer, we integrated Tamlite’s database and Google Maps. Customers can also download a coupon from the LYRA microsite and redeem it in store.


Working from a physical prototype and AutoCAD drawings, we rendered LYRA into 3D so we could use multiple angles and contexts in the design. The end result is almost indistinguishable from the real thing, and affords a level of creative flexibility that photography just couldn’t provide.

3D Visualization

Photorealistic 3D interiors let customers test multiple lighting scenarios with LYRA at home or work. In addition to the on/off setting, we included the two available colour temperatures—one warmer and one cooler.

The outcome

The LYRA microsite performs a number of roles for Tamlite

Not only does it showcase the product’s benefits, uses and technical data, it connects customers with their nearest store while providing extra incentive in the form of a discount coupon.

  • Custom 3D scenes with toggle between lighting conditions
  • Integrated dealer database and Google Maps API
  • 3D product rendering
  • Accompanying Google AdWords campaign