Web Applications

We build our applications around a fundamental problem or challenge faced by the user. Right from the planning stage, we're architecting a solution that will alleviate user pain points and deliver value through a faster or easier way of doing things.
Aligned with Best Practices
As part of our commitment to delivering value to our clients, we follow industry best practices in key areas such as security, scalability and usability.
We enhance our web applications with real-time and ETL integrations of any complexity and architecture—from RESTful APIs and microservices, to enterprise service bus and authentication solutions.
Thorough Documentation
Encompassing solution and infrastructure architecture, business requirements, user stories, data modeling and more, thorough documentation helps us set clear expectations and lay the foundation for a successful project release.
Continuous Delivery
As your business needs evolve, ITW remains ready to support you through continuous delivery of new features and even entire phases. We can also source dedicated developers to focus on your application.
Our Web Application Process
Analysis and Planning
We begin each of our projects with a detailed planning process that includes consultation with stakeholders and comprehensive documentation. If migrating from a legacy system, we audit the current solution for strengths and weakness, and to help us build a transition plan.
UX/UI Design
Our design process puts the user front and center, producing detailed user flows and hundreds of UI screens that capture the full application workflow. We adhere to Google's Material Design system to ensure our web applications meet the latest standards for usability.
Full-Stack Development
Encompassing front- and back-end development, the implementation stage prioritizes application performance, code quality, scalability and security. For added functionality, our developers can integrate a wide range of third-party solutions, including APIs, microservices and payment gateways.
Test and QA
Through automated and manual testing, our dedicated QA team tests the entire application according to approved documentation. We also run a full user acceptance testing (UAT) process to give clients a chance to validate the application against their requirements.
Featured Web Application Technologies
We leverage Angular's framework for efficient development of web application interfaces across desktop and mobile.
Node.js supports our development of scalable and low-latency experiences running JavaScript.
amazon web services
AWS is our infrastructure of choice due to its performance, security and easy scalability.
React brings an added level of interactivity to our user interfaces, for better experiences.
To enhance our web applications we frequently integrate REST APIs, opting for SOAP when stricter security measures are required.
Java's robust code and portability help us build dynamic web and mobile applications that can execute a wide variety of requests.