UX/UI Design

Sequenced Approach
From use cases and user-flow maps to interactive UI prototypes with real content, our design process moves step-by-step. This results in faster approvals, more thoughtful user experiences and fewer changes at later stages.
Adheres to Best Practices in Usability
We follow leading design languages such as Material Design by Google. This helps us keep up with best practices in usability and accessibility, while leading to more consistent designs.
Extensive Screen Design
We don't just design a couple of templates and leave the rest to chance. Our UI prototypes can reach hundreds of screens, capturing micro-interactions, error messages, status updates and more.
Collaborative Process
Although we design for users rather than clients, it's important to us that project stakeholders are onboard with the design. We achieve this through interactive prototypes, user validation testing and frequent workshops.
Scalable Design
Recognizing that your business is constantly evolving, we design for today and the future. Our layouts are flexible enough to adapt to new requirements with minimal code changes.
Our UX/UI Design Process
Research and Ideation
We never jump into design without fully understanding business requirements and user journeys. Building a series of use cases is an important step for us, to begin visualizing how users will navigate through the application. If you're transitioning from a legacy system, we analyze it to identify the biggest friction points for current users and your business.
Our user experience designs begin with a high-level user flow diagram, which charts movement through the entire application. This gives us—and you—a chance to analyze the proposed user journeys before we get into more detailed design work. During this stage our UX designer also creates a series of low-fidelity wireframes.
Creative Design
The creative concept provides a glimpse of what the user interface will ultimately look like. Building on the UX design step and incorporating client branding, it establishes the creative direction for the rest of the application. From there our UI designer often produces hundreds of screens, including forms, notifications and mail templates.
User Testing
With so much riding on the user experience of your software, we know that static screens will never be enough. That's why we build fully interactive prototypes using InVision, giving you an accurate experience of every workflow—from account creation and login, to transactions and other key actions.
Featured UX/UI Design Technologies
We follow Google Material Design in all of our software products to ensure they're aligned with best practices in usability and accessibility.
This powerful design tool is instrumental in our UX and UI design process, providing a fast and easy way to produce hundreds of UI screens and components.
InVision is an industry-leading tool that simplifies design approval and collaboration. We also use it to build interactive prototypes for desktop and mobile.