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Core Technical Competencies

Our enterprise solutions leverage today’s leading technologies to help clients address real-world challenges. Comprised of solution architects, business analysts, developers and more, our team brings expertise in a range of fields relevant to today’s enterprises—from compliance and data management to automation and customer experiences.
ITW also caters to small and medium businesses, who rely on technology more than ever to remain competitive. We help SMB clients by assessing their business from the ground up, and implementing technology-driven solutions that bring new efficiencies while laying the groundwork for sustainable growth.
We deliver data solutions with an emphasis on proper data architecture, integrity, security and performance. Our integrated approach blends technical expertise with business insight, while adhering to best practices in data management, data protection and more.
Our cloud expertise open up new opportunities for clients in search of greater scalability, control and efficiency. We specialize in areas such as deployment automation, CI/CD, cloud migration and managed services for cloud infrastructure and applications.
With a focus on usability and performance, we build digital products to meet the needs of today's mobile users. Our solutions include native and cross-platform mobile apps, as well as progressive web applications for B2B, B2C and B2E.