Mobile Development

Cutting-edge Technologies and Frameworks
We utilize the latest innovations in mobile development so we can deliver better results—whether it means improving performance, extending functionality or reducing development time.
Native or Cross-platform
Our experience developing cross-platform and native mobile apps for iOS and Android gives your business more flexibility, without compromising on quality.
We enhance our mobile applications by integrating third-party APIs, microservices, data, single sign-on (SSO) and more.
Whether B2B, B2C or B2E, your application will be built to optimize efficiency for the user. We eliminate friction points through meticulous documentation, design, testing and refining.
As your business grows, it's important that your app can scale with it. We make all recommendations on technology, development frameworks and infrastructure within the context of scalability, supporting more efficient future releases.
Our Mobile Development Process
Analysis and Planning
Through consultation with our clients, we build a detailed project plan with supporting documentation on user stories, business requirements, solution architecture and more. Analysis of an existing application can give us important insights on user expectations and pain points.
UX/UI Design
Designing mobile-first allows us to distill the application's experience to its simplest form, without stripping back important features. Starting from lo-fidelity user flows and advancing to an interactive UI prototype, we're able to design, test and refine each user interaction to arrive at the best approach.
Our development experience includes native mobile apps in iOS and Android, as well as cross-platform apps for broader coverage in a reduced development timeframe. We can integrate additional features to meet specific security, compliance or functionality needs.
Test and QA
We test across a broad spectrum of devices to resolve any functional or experience issues following development. In addition to testing by our dedicated QA team, clients have a chance to test and provide feedback on the application prior to launch.
We leverage Angular's framework for efficient development of web application interfaces across desktop and mobile.
Ionic framework supports our development of cross-platform applications, with a focus on performance and interactivity.
This collaborative design tool allows us to build, test and get feedback on mobile prototypes.
Known for its inherent security and focus on performance, Swift enables us to create best-in-class mobile apps for iOS.
Kotlin's interoperability and cross-platform capabilities make it a valued language for building apps that run on Android and iOS.
We use the SQLite database engine for applications that can benefit from fast, lightweight data retrieval in a server-less format.