Digital Transformation

Business Analysis
We conduct a thorough and wide-ranging assessment of your current business—from organizational structure and internal processes, to customer interactions—identifying weak points within your ecosystem.
Transformation Strategy
As a technology-agnostic company, we let the results of our business analysis drive transformation strategy. This comprehensive guide provides practical and actionable steps to alleviate inefficiencies in your business.
Digital Innovation Consulting
Based on our experience architecting, implementing and supporting complex technology solutions, we can work closely with your business to identify the game-changing tools to drive innovation and deliver the most value.
Productivity Enhancement
Whether it means embracing automation, moving to the cloud or weeding out redundancies, we can help streamline your workflow—leaving more time to focus on what matters most to your business.
Functional Transformation and Improvement
In consultation with your team's various departments, we can identify opportunities to improve your core business processes through technology, setting the stage for growth and a new agility.
Transformation Governance and Execution
By establishing a clear hierarchy, responsibilities and KPIs, we can help your organization transition smoothly into its next phase.
Our Digital Transformation Process
An audit of your current business structure and processes provides a valuable starting point. By getting a holistic view of your organization—HR, finance, IT, business, communications, customer service, etc.—as well as the current competitive landscape, we can start to find the greatest opportunities for improvement.
Building the roadmap for transformation is a collaborative process that involves multiple workshops. Depending on your organization, strategy may cover core business functions, service delivery methods, customer touchpoints, internal communication and opportunities to leverage data, among other recommendations.
As an experienced software development and consulting agency, we can execute the entire strategy or handle certain aspects, such as portal development, cloud migration or data architecture. Our multi-disciplinary team is well-versed in today's most innovative digital solutions, and we offer service in a flexible format based on each client's needs.
We believe in supporting our clients with a detailed knowledge-transfer. This can take the form of extensive documentation augmented by in-person or remote workshops. Our knowledge-transfer process is designed to help your business sustain its gains and provide clear guidance around governance, technology stack and more.
Featured Tools and Frameworks
We use Jira to help manage our software projects from the initial documentation to implementation and bug resolutions.
Confluence helps us create, maintain and collaborate on documentation, providing a single source of truth.
This leading enterprise architecture framework supports our planning and modelling across multiple layers and hierarchy levels.