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  • Strategy & Planning
  • Technical Design
  • UX & UI Design
  • Development
  • Web Integrations
  • Angular
  • Node.js
  • Nuvei
Project Features
  • Virtual terminal setup
  • Invoice management
  • Support ticket system
  • Companion admin portal
Key Project Results

Streamlined customer onboarding with a simple step-by-step process

Helped business owners meet consumer demand for added payment flexibility

Equipped the client with powerful tools to help manage its business

Empowered customers to take control of their invoicing solutions

SoftTech portal overview


The customer registration process unfolds in a multi-step process, from inputting basic info about their business and payment terminal, to uploading documents and signing a contract. When the application is submitted, admin can view and process it within their own web portal.

We designed this flow for customers and admin to be as seamless as possible, carefully refining the user experience to minimize friction and drop-offs. During technical planning, we took a best-practices approach to data privacy and user authentication.

Portal on-boarding process


To process a payment from their web browser, business owners can input their customer’s credit card info inside the portal, turning it into a virtual terminal. This provides another convenient way for businesses to process transactions, while keeping track of data inside the statements section.

We set up this virtual terminal functionality through integration with Nuvei’s API.

Virtual terminal


The invoicing section provides an additional support tool for businesses, letting them create new invoices, review and download previous ones, and manage and add payees. Businesses can also customize invoices with their company logo and a short description for added context.



The accompanying admin portal gives SoftTech staff a tool for managing support tickets, processing applications and managing customer accounts. When a customer submits an application to open an account, admin can review it and approve or request more data from the customer.

An additional super admin functionality supports the management of lower-level admins.

Admin portal


By equipping business customers with additional tools to accept and manage payments from their browser, the portal brings a new level of convenience and flexibility. We took care to design a web application that’s easy to use, complements the SoftTech brand and gives admin all the tools they need to keep things running smoothly.

  • Multi-step customer application process
  • Support ticketing system with user and admin messaging
  • Nuvei API integration for virtual terminal
  • Customizable invoices
  • Statement history
  • Supporting admin portal
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