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  • Strategy & Planning
  • Technical Design
  • Infrastructure Setup
  • UX & UI Design
  • Development
  • HTML5, CSS3
  • PHP
Project Features
  • Binder customization tool
  • 3D product animations
  • Customer account access
  • Custom analytics reporting
Key Project Results

Developed a tool to strengthen customer attachment with QuickFit products

Enabled customers to design a fully custom binder or folder insert with ease

Helped customers find the right product with an interactive 3D experience

Supported the client’s decision-making with reporting on design tool usage

Multiple QuickFit website screens


The design area allows users to customize and print an insert for their QuickFit binder or folder. From choosing a background and uploading an image, to adding text and other graphical elements, the design tool puts users in complete control. The canvas of the insert is set to the unique dimensions of each QuickFit product. When their design is done, users can save it or preview and print on the spot.

Binder design tool


Binders probably don’t excite the average person, so we knew there was room for creative thinking when it came to planning, designing and building the product pages. For starters, we utilized the customer’s 3D assets to build a 360-degree rotational experience of each product. We also incorporated some custom icons and provided easy access to both the design area and the “Where to Buy” page.

Binder product pages


The Quick Code functionality provides a handy shortcut for customers, so they can be sure the product they’re looking at online matches the one they already have. This simple tool also cuts down on the potential for human error, as QuickFit’s products come in a variety of sizes and configurations.

Quick code functionality on website


To help the QuickFit team understand how customers are using the design tool, we implemented a custom reporting system on the back-end. It compiles anonymous data on the number of unique monthly logins, which assets are the most popular, how often the print functionality is used and more.

Back-end reporting and analytics for design area


The new and improved QuickFit Binders website combines a professional look and feel on the marketing side, with a web application that’s rich in functionality. Together, they take a relatively simple product and wrap it in an unexpectedly unique and enjoyable experience.

  • Design tool for customizable binder inserts
  • 3D product-opening animations
  • User account management with saved designs
  • “Where to Buy” section for US and Canadian retailers
  • Custom CMS with back-end reporting and analytics
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