To focus our branding approach and deliver the best value, we dive into the research process—assessing your business model, intended users and competitive landscape.
Holistic Approach
We don't just design logos, we deliver 360° brand identities that include key details such as tone of voice, image treatments, typography, colour psychology and more.
Versatile Usage
Even if your brand is intended solely for a mobile app, we'll make sure it can be applied successfully across a range of mediums—from social media and websites, to clothing and print.
Backed by Clear Guidelines
Consistency is important to the presentation of your brand. We provide clear guidelines for brand usage in all scenarios, to protect the integrity of your brand no matter who's running your marketing initiatives.
Our Branding Process
The discovery process is all about asking the right questions and listening. By thinking before doing, we can focus our branding efforts and make better use of time.
Through ideation your brand starts to take shape on a high level. This can include brainstorming adjectives that best describe your brand's personality, moodboarding for creative direction and competitive analysis to help find your niche.
Based on the results of our brainstorming sessions, we develop key components of the brand such as logo, typography treatments, colour direction and tone of voice, and we codify them in a set of brand guidelines for consistent governance.
We apply the new brand to the app interface with a focus on colour, typography and UI components, such as buttons, icons and menus. Our UI design process also includes hi-fidelity prototyping, which can help you present your idea to investors before heading to development.
Adobe Creative Cloud
We use Adobe's suite of creative tools including Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign to develop a wide range of brand materials—from logos and UI components to packaging and brand guidelines.
This powerful design tool is instrumental in our UX and UI design process, providing a fast and easy way to produce hundreds of UI screens and components.
InVision is an industry-leading tool that simplifies design approval and collaboration. We also use it to build interactive prototypes for desktop and mobile.