What Makes a Good Website Design Part Four

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

There are also ways that a web design can incorporate moving and interactive features. These might include the use of Java Script which is a more traditional programming language that allows for drop down menus, more complex forms and other features. Meanwhile another option is PHP which is a programming language that in essence allows a website to ‘reprogramme’ itself to an extent. This is used for more complicated ‘community’ aspects such as the option to comment on a website, the ability to use a message board or to upload images and data. To stand out these days a website should really use some interactive elements but this is an aspect of web development that you will have to discuss in order to determine the best options for you and your company. You can also opt to involve things like music or embedded videos and choose whether you want these to play on arrival.

Once you’ve agreed on all your images and the type of interactivity you’re going to use with your site (if any), then you need to come up with an actual website design for the layout and the navigation. This means choosing a menu system, how your pages are going to link to one another and how your site will present itself.