What Makes a Good Website Design Part Three

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

Remember that an image can tell a thousand words, so a good website will use lots of bold images that speak about your business and that show visitors what you do.

These should be relevant and you should make sure that they’ve been designed specifically for you (people can spot stock images, and even if they’re nice pictures they won’t have the impact of those that were designed for your business).
These images should also include your logo and a title of the website which needs to be prominent. People need to know what they’re looking at early on and they need to associate that with your business.

One important image that should always be included in web design is that of your company’s logo. This serves many important roles making sure that your visitors know what your site is about and what they are looking at. At the same time this will help increase your brand.

This should then additionally be coupled with the use of a colour scheme that evokes your company and reflects your logo. This will make the whole site unmistakably yours and will also give it a cohesive look that suggests a well thought out design.