The Front Page Part Six

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

Alternatively, if the site is a business one that is mostly static and designed around visitors searching specifically for your business name then simply placing orders, then you should have your contact details and service description on the home page. Finally if the page is a shop then you should show some of those items that you are selling (giving preference for those you want to sell most badly).

At the same time though your visitors will need to know what they`re looking at and so a description of what the site is is paramount. Something short along the lines of `the finest sea food restaurant in Kingston, affordably priced with a friendly staff and fantastic views`, or `the no1 site for fans of Ed Wood and his films`; this will fit on the top of the page without taking up too much space (allowing for your news feed/products) but will at the same time put everything else in context.