Choosing a Colour Scheme

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

This means that you need to consider what kind of website design you want so you can
roughly guide the developers. There are many factors to take into consideration
then here, and these include things like how you want it laid out and how image
or text heavy you want it to be. One of the biggest decisions you will make
though that will affect the entire site is what you want the colour scheme and
this will say a lot about the feel of the site. You can instantly tell a lot
about the tone of a website from its colouring, for instance navy blue and
white is instantly going to be a professional kind of site design, while navy
blue and black becomes something more futuristic. Sites with lots of large
white spaces are considered quite modern as this quite a minimalist approach,
and anything with whites and oranges and pastel blues will normally be quite
`hip` – most likely for a company that has a clear vision and deals with clean
and efficient technology (possibly through the association with Apple white).
Black sites always tend to be quite slick, whereas a black and red tends to be
quite a masculine colouring perhaps suited to a bodybuilding site. Of course
there are exceptions and it will depend a lot on how the web design company employs
that colour scheme, but as a rule it will hold true and it`s important that
there`s no discord between your site design and your business ethos. If your company already has strong associations with a colour due to branding, then you should incorporate this.

colour scheme will them run through and permeate every aspect of your website
design. Banners and buttons and other elements should all match or at least go
with your background and font colours. Meanwhile even images should be chosen
to pick out colours and hues from your site and a web design company may alter
their colour palette to this end. This will then give you site consistency
throughout its design and will also give it an identity holding the whole site

aspects of the colour scheme you need to consider are things like whether the
text is readable over the background and whether other elements such as the
border stand out. Once you have the colour scheme in mind it`s then just a
matter of brightening and dulling certain elements to create the right

then that you choose your colour scheme carefully and take on board the advice
of your website design company. This way you should find the rest of your site
follows and you sure it is easily readable while standing out and looking
consistent throughout.