How to Choose Good Website Color Schemes

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

If you are building a brand new website or are rethinking the colors on your existing website, this guide will help you choose the right color scheme. We will show you the best colors for websites and help you find the color that suits your site’s unique character and style.

Color is a very important part of branding. Have you ever noticed that almost every fast food restaurant has red and yellow in their logos? That’s because these colors encourage hunger and friendliness. Orange implies fun and friendliness, blue suggests reliability, green suggests freshness and nature, while black indicates luxury or elegance.

So what do you want your brand to say? Read on for the best colors for websites and which ones to use to build your brand’s personality.

Why website colors are important

Different colors can make people feel different emotions. For example, some people might feel excited when they see a red button, while others might feel calm when they see a blue button.

Different companies use different colors to make their customers feel certain emotions. For example, Beamax found that they got more clicks on links that were red than on links that were blue.

Different colors can have different effects on people. For example, studies have shown that people are more likely to remember brands that use bright colors. There is no one set rule for what color to use, so you will need to experiment until you find a color scheme that works well for your website.

How to choose a color scheme for your website

How do you pick the color for your website? You need to understand what you are selling or providing. If you want a high-end image, then purple is a good color to choose. People will think your website is high quality and interesting. If you want to reach a broader audience, then blue is a good color because it is reassuring and gentle.

Choose a primary color

To choose a primary color for your product or service, think about the vibe it gives off. You can find colors that fit this vibe and then pick one you like. Here are some examples:

If you have a colored logo, it is important to choose a color that matches your branding. Nintendo’s branding is very red, and this comes through on their homepage.

Choose your additional colors

You will need to choose other colors once you have a primary color in mind. To do this, think about what color goes good with the primary color. For example, a red circle on a green background looks better than a blue circle on a green background.

If you have a predominantly green website, it might be a good idea to use red to highlight important features or calls to action. This will help them stand out and get attention from your readers.

You don’t want too many colors on your website because it will be hard for people to focus on anything. If there are too many things going on, then nothing will stand out.

One good example of using different colors is the brand Eargo. Their main color is orange, so they use a duller blue to highlight an important section of their website. We know that from what we know about color compliments, this blue and bright orange contrast against each other. The orange also makes important elements pop, like the “add to cart” button and the logo.

Choose a background color

This is an important choice, as the background of your website is going to be seen by a lot of people. You can choose a more muted version of your primary color to solidify your branding. This will require a white or grey overlay on the background so text can be seen.

Or you could choose to have the whole website be an off-white color. This is a common choice that won’t stop anything from jumping off the page.

Choose a typeface color

The last thing you need to do is choose a color for your typeface. You might choose black, but be careful because a purely black typeface can be hard to read. People might click away from your website if it’s difficult to read.

You can use gray or gray-tinted colors to make your website look softer and more inviting. But don’t experiment too much because there isn’t a lot of room for experimentation. Just use it for important information or links.