The Front Page Part Five

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

As a rule though, it is generally the case that front pages will be appropriate for websites that are designed to act as portfolios where people search for the company name, while those for web businesses that use a lot of SEO and hope to attract customers through searches should avoid using them. A website design company can also help your front page to make more of an immediate impact and to be more SEO-friendly by including more text and description.

For sites that don`t have a logo or an entry page, the front of the web design will usually be a `home page`. This is also the page that people will see after they come through an entry page. This page is the front end of your site and as such will use the same layout as the pages on the site (whereas the intro page is freed from these conventions). Normally this will include a menu in order for your guests to navigate and again depending on the nature of your site. If the site is a site that generates revenue from articles containing adverts and that is updated regularly relying on return visitors, then it might want to have a news feed with the latest site changes and articles listed to try and attract attention to them.