Graphic Design and Web Hosting

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

A design of a web site is the first impression of what individuals perceive about a company. Every color and graphic represents a corporate identity of your website and its company. The perception a site creates will determine if the visitor will continue to stay or leave the site. As the old saying goes, first impression is the last impression. From the color of the logo, to the size of the font and also the overall layout of your website can trigger different feelings for visitors and it may be the designer`s job to ensure visitors will get the most positive effect to stay longer.

Designing a web site is an art and requires lots of creativity. The design is also associated with promoting much more sales, business leads and ROI. With that objective in mind, designers are trained to be visually sensitive with the psychology of what a visitor sees, as modern people now have a built-in ability to filter suspicious looking websites. They can instinctively tell if a website is just merely pushing for a desperate sale or they truly have something good to offer.

Thanks to thousands of spammy web site that bombard visitors daily, a stereotype of your great and bad website has been created in their mind. Visitors have developed the “spider-sense” radar.