Freelance Writer Tips – How to create an Effective Internet Site and Blog

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

Should you wish to be a successful freelance writer, you will find many things you`ll need to know. One of the most essential things you can do to taking your writing seriously and also follow the steps below create an effective website and/or blog.

Here are some things that should be found in a freelance writer`s Internet site:

• Secure a domain- they are cheaper than ever before and it`s essential to distinguish yourself as a serious writer and a professional. You may use your first and last name if that is accessible or if you write on a specialty, you might contain this in your domain (i.e. Try to keep it short and easy and simple to remember.

• Bio or About the Author- you need to describe who you`re. This doesn`t mean you need your fill resume or life story on the site but some personal details about who you`re, why you write and what you write are useful.

• Credentials- any past experience, writing experience, life knowledge, degrees and diplomas, and other useful credentials ought to be included.

• Samples- no writer`s Internet site is complete without samples from the work you have done.