How Do You Build a Web site to Make Money on the Web

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

Every new web marketer I talk to asks me, how do you construct a web site that makes cash? I hope to answer that question in this bit below.

Housekeeping isn`t some thing everybody associates with building a webpage. Nevertheless, it`s an important component of making your life easier and thereby producing money quicker. Merely put, I want you to produce a folder, call it something like `PROJECT 1` and put all the component parts of your webpage into it. Why?, because by doing this easy step, you will have a central place where you KNOW you`ll discover everything that pertains to your webpage! A simple thing, but it will pay you dividends to do it.

Let us assume at this point that you have a item. Furthermore, for simplicity I want to assume your product is really a digitally downloadable one. Certainly when starting out with your first product campaign, your aim should be to construct a list of clients. Clients you are able to sell to again and again. So,

What we need now is a sales page. What makes a good sales page? Well your sales page has just one job to accomplish, that of converting internet traffic into sales