From Concept to Finished Product ?“ How Websites Get Made Part Seven

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

With the CSS, the HTML and the images in place your site will now be looking like the site you drew up in the initial design step. However it still won’t be able to perform any tasks that will enable it to be used for communication or any real interactivity – for this you will need something like Java, PHP or generally a programming language and this is another reason it’s very advisable to use a web design company.

Another consideration at this stage is your SEO, which is something that impacts the design, the code and your content. When you handle your web design it’s important to do it from a perspective that will make your site easy to spider and index for Google so that people can actually find your page.


Next you will need to generate your content for the site. This is something that you might have done a bit to start with, but only now does it become crucial (you can leave filler in the spaces during the design part).

Here content means both copywriting – filling things like your ‘welcome’ and ‘about’ pages with information about your company, and it means content like articles and posts.