From Concept to Finished Product? How Websites Get Made Part Eight

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

This is the meat of your site, and until you have some content you won’t want it to go live.


Now your web design is finished – it looks glorious and is well laid out, and it has all the content and interactivity in place. So you’re done right? Well actually you’re forgetting one thing – actually uploading the site so that people can see it and it’s not just sitting on your computer at home. To upload your site you will first need to find a hosting company to host it for you, and that means you are paying to rent out a ‘server’ which is a huge computer that responds to requests from other computers when they type in that address. In other words you are uploading your files onto a powerful machine that is on and connected to the internet 24/7 so that people can access it.

There are various considerations when it comes to hosting too. For instance you need to bear in mind things like the ‘bandwidth’ which dictates how many people can call up your site at once, and the space you are allocated for big files.