From Concept to Finished Product ?“ How Websites Get Made Part Nine

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

Money of course comes into this as well, so it’s a matter of making sure that your hosting service offers the most reliable service you can afford but doesn’t put your business immediately in trouble as a result. There’s no point paying for huge amounts of space if you only have a small website that won’t be viewed by too many people.

Once you have chosen your hosting service then you just need to have your files uploaded to the net and this is a simple matter of getting a piece of ‘FTP’ software (file transfer protocol) and then dropping them in a folder and waiting.

Updates, Marketing and Maintenance

From here though your work is not done – once the site has gone live that’s just the start of being a webmaster. If you want your site to thrive online and if you want it to promote the site but also keep it alive with new updates and content.

This then is again something you can do yourself or outsource – but as a rule you should try to ensure you have about a new article on the site per week, and you should make sure all your information is up to date.