From Concept to Finished Product? How Websites Get Made Part Six

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

The first of these programming languages that your website design service will use is HTML. HTML is basically just the phrases used to outline the positions and locations of words and images on the page – the formatting cues that tell the browser to display an image in the center of the page, to insert a line-break etc. This will appear as tags inside your code but it won’t allow for the more technical aspects of your site – and it won’t even allow for the most dynamic layout options. For that you will need CSS which works in conjunction with HTML in order to take blocks of text and images and define specific locations anywhere on the page (as percentages or pixels), and in order to set different backgrounds etc. The CSS will exist in a separate file called your stylesheet, and this is what all your pages will refer to for their more precise and flexible positions etc. This also has the advantage of enabling or your website design service to make site-wide changes by editing only a single file.