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  • Strategy & Planning
  • Technical Design
  • UX & UI Design
  • Development
  • Web Integrations
  • HTML 5, CSS3
  • WordPress
  • Google Calendar
Project Features
  • Licensing forms
  • Leadership profiles
  • Awards database
  • News & press releases
Key Project Results

Helped the client deliver a clearer mission statement & value proposition

Migrated an extensive awards database to save time for the client

Integrated an external blog to increase content visibility

Built a bilingual framework to connect with users in both official languages

SOCAN website screens


For SOCAN’s membership—a diverse group of music creators and publishers—the new website provides many valuable resources. These include signup forms, access to exclusive benefits, educational resources and opportunities to participate in song camps and stay at one of SOCAN’s international properties. Most importantly, the site makes it clear what SOCAN does for them and why it matters.


SOCAN provides an easy way for businesses to use music ethically, and collects royalties based on that usage. To get businesses onboard, the website needed to present a professional and trustworthy image, which we tackled through design. On the functionality side, we implemented a searchable repertoire of musical works, licensing forms based on business type and more.

SOCAN Houses

As one of its services to members, SOCAN maintains and coordinates stays in houses across the world, including Paris and LA. We created a showcase of each property that provides a much simpler user experience than the current site. Members can also easily access application forms, check availability and view amenities. On the admin side, availability is managed through an integrated Google Calendar API.

SOCAN houses


It would be easy for an organization with as many departments and responsibilities as SOCAN to come across as cold or impersonal. But with the new site, we wanted to present an engaging and human narrative through the strategic use of photography, information architecture and a welcoming design. It was also important to provide a number of convenient touchpoints for visitors.

SOCAN leadership profiles


Technology is a driving force behind SOCAN’s success, and with the launch of its new website we helped build on that image. Not only does it integrate several important business functions, it provides a modern online experience that caters to the needs of music creators and businesses that use music.

  • Fully bilingual content
  • Leadership profiles
  • Searchable database of annual awards
  • Blog integration and newsletter subscription
  • Licensing forms for businesses
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