Whether You Should Include Adverts on Your Site Part One

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

If you’re paying for or considering paying for custom web design for your business then this will give you a great way to market your company and to put your name out there. Having a nicely designed site can do wonders for your business bringing new customers to your service, allowing you to make announcements and acting as an ambassador for what you do.

However owning a website can also be a great way to inject some extra cash into your business if it’s currently struggling. Via the use of advertising, whether through Google Ads or paid-monthly banners, literally any site can earn back at least the cost of hosting and the design over the course of a year. For those sites that already have a regular visitor base, or better yet a mailing list, it’s possible to greatly increase profit margins and earn hundreds if not thousands. Some companies are based entirely on this business model, so by ‘adding’ it onto yours you can then massively increase your earnings.

For companies that are struggling or that just want an extra cash injection this is a great idea. But you have to also consider how this reflects on your company and whether it’s something you really want.