What Makes a Good Website Design Part Six

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

If you navigation is not pleasant and easy to use then this will render your visitors unable to find the pages they’re looking for which might mean they lose interest in your site or become actually frustrated. Your web design needs to consider the navigation over the stylistic touches then and ensure that the links stand out clearly and it’s obvious what each one does. For extra ease of use you can add a ‘site map’ or a search box to your site which will enable people to bypass your navigation system altogether if they find it overly complex. This should be an additional option however, not a necessity, and you should make sure that all your custom web design uses navigation that’s simple and self-explanatory.

Finally, don’t forget the actual content which is really what makes a site great. That’s likely going to be down to you (though some web designers will include a copywriting service) and everything else is really just dressing. A great website will include text that’s explanatory, well-written and that draws the reader in. This is what will ultimately decide if someone stays on your site and whether they choose to go for your service. Ensure that your website comes with a caption early on placed prominently to inform visitors what your company (and thus your website) actually does. A sub-heading beneath the logo is great for this as well as providing other excellent marketing opportunities.