What Makes a Good Website Design Part One

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

If you are creating or commissioning a new website for your company then it pays to be able to spot what makes a website great or otherwise. Even if you’re not directing the project yourself, by knowing what will make your site stand out while remaining functional and a good advert for your business, you can at least partly control the trajectory of your website and at least know what to make of the end product once it arrives.

Obviously there are many aspects that make a website design good or not. The first thing that will jump out however is the layout, the colour scheme and the images. These need to bold then and attractive and need to be well designed enough to make the website look polished and high tech. Older websites used frames and were programmed entirely in HTML but these websites don’t fit the bill in terms of either aesthetics or functionality anymore – being unattractive to look at and not being easily indexed by Google. If your website is for a business that you hope to promote then the resolution needs to be crisp and the layout needs to be more imaginative than a menu along the top or down the left.