Other Ways to Create a Web Presence

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

Building a website with which to promote your company is one way to create a ‘web presence’ and ensure that people online are aware of your company and have a place to learn more about it. However the most forward thinking businesses are using the internet in many more creative ways to create a connection with their customers and visitors and to market their business using the internet.

One other way you can create a ‘web presence’ is through the use of a Twitter account. These are usernames that allow you to connect with other people and use short ‘tweets’ a couple of sentences long to indicate your status. This could be an observation, news or a joke and is a great way for your ‘followers’ to feel as though they have more of an incite into your day-to-day running of the business. It of course also means you can promote your offers and press releases.

Similarly a Facebook page is a great way to gain followers and publicity online. Here you can add any number of ‘friends’ who will then see your updates on their ‘home feed’. You can also create a group that allow people to become fans of your products or services and to invite others. Another option then lets you message these fans with information regarding your business.

YouTube is another site that can be used to promote a business but is underused in this way. If you can create good quality viral campaigns you can again entice viewers to ‘subscribe’ to your channel giving you a captive audience.