Things for Your Home Page

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

When you make the home page of your website then you will need to think about the way you want your site to be presented and the things that will be most likely to attract the attention of the visitors. At the same time you need to make sure that the web design is such that it`s easy to navigate and people know how to find what they want.  

This is also a good way to demonstrate that your site is alive and kicking and by putting news and updates here you can demonstrate to viewers that the site has not been `abandoned` like so many websites that you find outdated and unchanged all across the internet. If you want to make money from your website through affiliate links, products or ads this is also a great place to put them as it will guarantee the largest number of visitors see your site. It`s a lot to fit into one page but a good web design can do it.
Normally this will be handled by your website design company, and by hiring these you will be able to maximise the impact of your site and improve its success. Designing it yourself will likely result in a less effective look and layout and you will likely make much less money as a result – web design is always an important investment.
However even if a website design company is making your home page they will still defer to you over the design specifics.

Only you know precisely what you want, and as they will be trying to please you they will want to stay within your criteria. Make sure then that you consult with them and give them as much help as possible without `smothering` them or stopping them from doing their job.
The first thing most home pages will need is a title front and central. This is important on every page so that people who navigate to individual pages of your web site via Google know where they are and what the site is about (and so they can find it again). However on a home page this is an even more crucial aspect of the web design so make sure it`s front and central.
Next many home pages will include some blurb about what the site is for and what it does. This might take the form of a simple by-line under the logo, or it might be a short welcome message. Make sure though that however you achieve it, your web design leaves the viewers in no question as to what they`re looking at and what they will find on your website.

After this you will want to have the news and updates and usually this will be listed in chronological format and usually beneath the header. This way people can immediately see what changes have been made and this is useful for getting returning visitors. Also under the header, perhaps to the left or right of the recent updates, should be some `highlights` of your site. This exists for the people who are visiting your site for the first time and who have never seen any of your pages before. Think about which parts of your site will really draw people in and then position these around the page so that they do.
Normally including images to the best parts of your site will help to make them more `clickable` and to tell people what they are without them having to read. Around this same area you will likely also want to include your advertising if you are going to be advertising on your website.

This is a very important aspect of your web design that you need to think long and hard about. On the one hand you want the advertising to be obvious so that people click on it but at the same time you don`t want it to be so in your face that it makes your site look like it`s `sold out` or that it avoids people clicking your own links. Remember that if someone clicks an advert like a Google Ad then they are earning you money, but they`re also being directed away from your site, so it`s a careful balance you want to strike.
Lastly you need your navigation and this is an important aspect of the whole web design. This will often go along the top of your home page or along one of the sides and it will take the form of a menu. This is how visitors will find their way around your website and a good navigation can make or break your luck by ensuring visitors don`t get frustrated that they can`t find anything.
Overall the home page needs to look full and tempt the viewer with what`s inside while not looking too busy or in your face. A good web design company will make all the difference so make sure you speak it through with them.