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BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

Both of these types of site require different website design of course. The website will need to have some form of indexing or front splash page in order to show all of what it has on offer at once and to entice people in. A blog on the other hand will require a bit of info and it might have some other pages for this, but will mostly focus on listing the posts in a chronological order so that each time the visitor arrives they will be greeted with something new.
At one point the differences in website design between these two types of site was enough that you could safely say whether you were visiting a website or a blog with no additional information about what you were looking at. However these days the thin line between website design and blog design is getting blurred, and you get more and more websites that have blog like tendencies to list smaller chunks of information, and more and more blogs that have forums, info pages and ways to browse through articles.
This is mostly a cause of blogs being so popular that they merged with normal sites. Many people note that the `blogosphere` as it was once called doesn`t exist in the same way as it once did, and it was presumed it was because the medium died out – it didn`t it simply merged with the existing medium and in a way is now more popular than ever. Any website design you look at that features a list of articles, news items or `posts` down the side or middle in a column, and that shows snippets of this text for you to expand if you wish; is taking the basic elements of a blog and converting them to a web design and this is something you should talk to your web design service about getting implemented in your own site. At the same time though keep the traditional aspects of a web design by having your posts easy to navigate by subject and by making sure you provide static pages too.