The Three Most Professional Looking Colors for Websites

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

There are different types of websites out there. However, most websites are being used for business purposes. You might own a business and you are trying to decide which colors need to be featured in your site. Web designers will usually ask what color should be dominant in your site. Here are some recommendable colors:

1) Grey – Grey might be considered to be a very boring color but it is one of the most professional-looking colors. If you check out some government sites, you will realize that most of them feature the color grey. This is because grey is a serious color and it is perfect for websites that are not intended for recreational purposes.

2) Green – This color is basically used by banks and other establishments which deal with money. For example, there are numerous insurance websites which feature the color green. Green is the color of money and the good thing is that it looks very professional as well.

3) White – If you do not want to go wrong when it comes to color, you might want to stick with the basic. White is simple but it looks formal as well.

These are three recommendable colors. If you want, you can get suggestions from your web designer. He might come up with good suggestions which will be beneficial for your site.