Employing Appropriate Colors for Various Websites

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

Deciding which colors to use on a website can be very difficult. That is why a lot of people rely on the expertise of web designers. These professionals really know how to come up with the most suitable colors for websites. The following are the most popular colors used for websites:

1) Yellow – Yellow symbolizes bliss and happiness. Aside from that, it also helps stimulate one’s appetite. That is why yellow is the dominant color when designing sites for restaurants and food chains.

2) Green – Green is considered to be the color of life. Since it is related to life, it is the color that is generally used in the websites of hospitals, dental clinics, and other establishments which are related to medicine. A number of elderly homes also have websites which feature the color green.

3) Red – Red is considered to be the color of love. That is why it is used in dating sites. Since red helps stimulate blood flow, it is also the dominant color in the websites of bodybuilding sites.

4) Blue – Blue is a very soothing color. It is the color of the sea and sky. Blue is probably the most popular color since it is being used in various types of sites. However, it is basically featured in the websites of spas and hotels.