The Role of Graphics in Website Design

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

Graphics play a very important role in boosting up the image of your website. They are used because they complement the text and enhance the interest of a user. Therefore, the quality and positioning of the graphics should be attractive and appropriate.

One thing you should always keep in mind while creating a website is that your text should be readable. The hands-on strategy to clearly convey your message is to mingle up the text with well positioned and relevant graphics. You should set your graphics in such a way that your readers get the idea of your services or product in one look.

Generally, people use JPG format for website graphics. But most of them do not know that this format is a lossy compression. It means that the image looses little bit of its quality every time it is edited and saved. The solution to the problem is that the image should be edited in the native format of the image manipulation software. Then the final version should be saved in JPG format.

The size of graphics matters a lot. If you insert graphics of more than 50 kb then you must reduce the size because it takes time to load a big size image. Your readers may lose the interest especially if their internet in slow.