Proven Methods to Make Your Website More Attractive

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

The idea of making an attractive website is great. But the aim of making a website for your business should not be restricted to the attractiveness. Your motive should be to retain the customers or readers rather than just to attain them for once. So here are few tips for you related to the website designing.

You should choose your color scheme carefully. Keep the color scheme same for every page of your website.  Your guest should not encounter any continuity error in your website. Bear in mind that if your background is dark then the color of text on it should be lighter, so that your guest can read it easily.

Your graphic designs should represent your business or projects therefore to choose them carefully is important. You must have a logo for your website. Logo with a captivating tagline creates a good impression of your business. Your tagline should be somewhere near the header so that it is clearly visible.

Next thing to keep in mind is the size of your web page. It’s up to you which size you want to choose but do not forget to use the actual space for the web to make sure that the user’s navigation point is in the proximity to the content of your web.