The Not-So-Sexy but Oh-So-Important Role of Communication in Website Design

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

In the process of designing a website, it’s easy for details like graphics and functionality to steal the show. After all, these are typically what attract eyeballs, prompt conversions and generate a web-wide buzz for the client. But without the simple, age-old art of communication – setting the stage upon which the real magic can unfold – the entire project risks being yanked off stage before the audience has a chance to be wowed.

In web design as in marriage, communication is critical. Thankfully in the case of the former, modern technology has made it easier than ever before to stay in touch. Online project management programs, some with more frills and features than others, keep client and company on the same page throughout what can be a very long process.

The right tools in hand, you never have to be miles apart on anything

With everything organized in a single, self-contained online hub, it becomes possible for a web design company in Toronto to work efficiently with a client in Halifax or Vancouver – even Houston or Vienna. These programs also allow users to clearly lay out all project milestones and their corresponding message threads, making an internet connection the only thing needed for open communication (some programs even feature mobile-optimized versions for making brief updates on the go).

So while the website design company is doing its thing in Toronto, a client half way around the world can check in regularly on progress, helping to keep the project on schedule by adding their two cents to the conversation.

File transfer and storage tools can also be helpful to the web design process, especially when geography enters the equation. With the ability to upload and download large files in a relatively short amount of time, both parties can ensure that steps like content gathering and design approvals don’t lag behind.

Communication is a two-way street; not to be confused with Easy Street

However, these tools – effective and convenient as they can be – don’t compensate for a lack of attention from either side; that’s a question of commitment. And without that commitment, it’s all too easy for a web design project to drag on without much in the way of real progress.

If you’re searching for a web design company, in Toronto or elsewhere, don’t be afraid to ask about their approach to communication. Does it include an online project management system, and if so, is it easy to use?

You don’t necessarily need to shy away from companies outside your area, either. But if you are interested in starting a long-distance relationship, ask for references from clients who have been in a similar situation. Was the project completed on time? How smoothly did the whole thing go? If the answers you receive don’t inspire confidence in the company, don’t expect to see an inspired finished product.