So You have Got Your Website – Now What?

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

Once you’ve have custom web design to build yourself a website that you are proud of and that says what you want it to about your business, it’s then time to start promoting and pushing that site so that it can be a representative for your business and start attracting new customers and visitors to your services and products. Once a web designer has finished your site that’s only the first part and there’s a lot more that you need to do yourself from that point in to make the site a success.

For a website to be any kind of success, people will of course need to actually see it. For this to happen you need to market and promote your website through various channels. One way to do this is through ‘SEO’ which stands for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ and involves using lots of content on your site and lots of links pointing to your site elsewhere in order to rise your site through the ranks of the search results.

You should also include your website on your promotional material and business cards etc. If you have any adverts in magazines, on TV or on the radio, you need to work your website into these materials as a large part of your strategy.

Finally you of course need to keep constantly updating your website and upgrading it so that it looks alive and current when people see it. Have a news section or a blog and make sure that you don’t just leave it to rot.