Mobile Web Design

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

However it of course was not without it`s challenges, and web design that is used to fitting on large 17“ monitors has a lot of trouble fitting onto a small 5 inch screen in black and white – web design companies had to decide how much of the sites to leave in tact and just how `mobile` to make them.
Then smartphones came along and these included things like the iPhone, Android and Windows 7 and this changed everything. On the plus side it meant that the web design companies now had a lot more pixels to work with as well as full colour, and some of these phones now even have flash support and can use other web 2.0 features. However the downside is that there are so many countless iterations that it is nigh on impossible to design a website that has a mobile version that will suit all devices.
For instance Flash would work well on the Android phones – and if you had a large screen such as the HTC Desire or the Dell Streak then you would be able to easily view all the action. These sites don`t need to have a mobile version at all nearly – though it might be beneficial to some network contracts for saving on megabytes. At the same time though if you had the main site on an iPhone then it wouldn`t be able to play the Flash content, and the smaller screen would mean that something optimised for a Desire wouldn`t fit on an iPhone 4 and would be very fiddly.
There are no easy solutions to this problem and you are always going to let someone down, but good web design can nevertheless help you to avoid more problems than necessary. Your website design company will handle most of the issues and will consult you where there are several options, and this will all depend on your company and the website design you want. However some tips are to make sure that the main site is now available to mobile users – don`t force them to the mobile site as if they`re on a tablet device using WiFi they may well want to get to the main site. At the same time make sure you look at your statistics to see what the specs of most users are – tailor your mobile site to the most common mobile devices visiting your pages.
At the same time though make sure to par down the mobile site as much as possible and to risk making the site too simple on some phones if it means it can run on others that couldn`t handle more complex website design.