Aspects of Good Web Design

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

Sometimes we don`t know what it is that makes a good website, but there are many different factors to bear in mind. Here we will look at some of the things that make up a web design and that need to be gotten right in order for that web design to come together as a pleasing and cohesive whole.

First of all a good website design needs to have good graphics an images. This will likely be achieved using photo editing software such as photo shop.  This is highly important as it`s the first thing we tend to see when we load up the site – so if they`re nasty stock images that look like WordArt then people will think that you couldn`t afford to make your own and the site won`t look professional. Likewise if they`re taken on your 3 megapixel camera and haven`t been photo edited, then they will look like you just made a website in your bedroom and no one will take it seriously again.

Ergo you need to have your photos taken professionally and then further professionally edited through something like Photoshop. Alternatively the images can be made from scratch and a web design company will be able to handle any of these aspects to a professional level.
The colours scheme and general lay out is similarly important and the same is true here – it needs to look high definition, crisp and generally like it was made by a professional company rather than just by you. If you don`t know how to do professional web design then leave it to a pro.

A good rule of thumb though is that you want your site to avoid looking too cluttered, while at the same time avoid lots of empty white space which looks like you don`t have much to offer. Use colours and clever layout to keep the pages visually interesting without being too crammed with material fighting for your attention.
Also of importance is navigation. This is how easy it is to find your way around the website and how intuitively it all comes. If you are trying to find the contact page and left cursing at the screen then that`s not great web design – nor is it if you can`t find the information and don`t know what it is you`re looking at.

However sometimes really good web design is good for the company and not as good for the visitor. For instance a contact might be hidden on the page to make customers look around longer and thus stay on the site longer (and maybe be tempted to buy something). A price or information might be left out to make you call up or get in touch. A good web design can walk the fine line and make sure the site is optimal for the company while not being too off putting for the customer.