Getting Visitors to Click on Links Part Two

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

Normally a red link will work well for example, but on a red background it won`t work quite to the same degree. Similarly, it`s important not to overcrowd your site with too many big red links or they will begin to fight for attention. Choose one item you really want your visitors to see and then focus on that as the large red link and this way it will attract far more attention than if it was just one of many.
Pictures also work very well for clicking links, and as they say a picture can tell a thousand words. All good web development uses images where possible and in doing so you can evoke a range of emotions including curiosity. At the same time people are more likely to click a picture if they find it somehow attractive – if it`s an attractive member of the opposite sex, a tasty looking snack, or a picture of a cute baby animal.