Getting Visitors to Click on Links Part Four

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

Sometimes a sound effect will play too, and any of these things can make a visitor more keen to click on that link – out of curiosity and out of the satisfaction of hearing the sound when they do. The rest of your website design can also `point` towards a link to make it more attractive a prospect. For example a border around a link can make it stand out even further, as can arrows, or writing over the top of it.
Clever use of these key links in your site is an important part of web development and can help make your site more effective. If there are other links and content you want your viewers to see you can make this one link `fold out` to prevent the further options – turning a complex menu into something simple in order to `reel them in`. Once they`ve opened the drop menu they will feel far more compelled to read the rest. Similarly if there are lots of items you want to sell, then you can place the most attractive deal on the first page as a link and have this link to the others. Clever marketing more than web design then is to tie the best products to the slightly less popular ones in `deals` in order to sell off the items that are hard to shift as a package (and still make more for them than you would have if you hadn`t sold them at all.