From Concept to Finished Product ? How Websites Get Made Part Three

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

You should also consider having a look around some other websites, and maybe even magazine layouts etc. in order to get a good idea of what you want your site to ‘feel’ like and what the overall impact should be. Try visiting a few pages that you know you like and show these to the web designer. At the same time though you should make sure to take their suggestions on board as they have been doing this a long time – you area paying for their expertise afterall.


Once you have a rough concept for your website design you then need to think about what you want your site to offer and how people are going to get around. You know the rough look of your navigation, now what elements do you want to include in those menu bars? A home page, a links page maybe, a contacts page, a videos page? And where do you want new articles to appear? Sit down with your web design company and plot out a proper map of where your pages should be and how they are going to interlink.