From Concept to Finished Product ? How Websites Get Made Part Four

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

Next you should choose how you want to go about building the website you have. This is one of the first technical considerations of the project but your website design company can talk you through. Essentially you just need to decide whether you want it to be created by the website design company in code, or whether you’d rather they used WordPress which is less flexible but quicker and provides great content management afterwards (meaning you can easily edit and update your posts. Alternatively you may choose to make the site yourself using a template you’ve found online, or using a site builder software.

Image Creation

Now the image creation and the actual coding/building of the site will begin and normally they will be in parallel so that the images will be designed to integrate perfectly with the layout. The image creation is something very important and you need to make sure that they all look very professional and are very high definition. This way you will be able to ensure that your site doesn’t look like it was built by a teenager and it will ensure the images don’t look bad when the resolution of our devices inevitably improves.