Why Not Design Your Own Website? Part One

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

When it comes to web design, many of us think we know a thing or two and as such feel happy to have a go at going it alone. Of course this will save your company a considerable amount of money in that you won`t need to invest in the services of outside help and so will get to have a website for `free` apart from the costs of the web hosting and domain name(s).

However this is quite a short-sighted view of website design and could well be an example of a little bit of hubris standing in the way of a clear view of good business sense. Here`s the thing: however good you are at web design, you will still be unlikely to be as good as an actual website design service unless you yourself are running one. The reason for this is that while you might have all the same skills, you will certainly lack the experience and the tools necessary to compete with professional website design. The important thing to remember here too is that you will have other things to occupy your time such as HR, PR, advertising and actually delivering your product or service.