Why Not Design Your Own Website? Part Four

BY ITW Consulting

ITW Consulting Corp

Thus if you design your website in-house you will be paying for it in another way too – in the money lost because of a sub-par website design. Even if you think it is perfectly serviceable – and it may well be – if it`s not as good as it could be then you won`t be earning as much from it as you could be. In other words you might find that 5% of visitors sign up for your service instead of a 13% afforded by a professional website design. This number over countless years will of course result in huge sums of money lost and in that sense, professional web design more than pays for itself, and making it yourself instead is essentially just not worth it. Finally you could also look at the potential for the site to date – again this being much more likely with a web design made in-house.

As such then a professional website design is an investment that will save your company a lot of money and increase profits. Doing it in-house might seem cheaper and easier (until things start going wrong), but in the long run it is a corner you can`t afford to cut.